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Natural Stress Reliever - 9 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

Stress is the most common problem that affects everyone. How do people get stressed out in the first place? There many things that can lead to the rise in an individual's stress levels, the following are the most common stress triggers:

1)    Poor financial status

2)    Legal problems

3)    Career demands

4)    Health problems

5)    Commuting long distances to work

6)    Aging parent(s)

7)    Single parenting

8)    Parenting

9)    Relationship issues

10)  Education

There are many ways to relieve stress naturally and some of these methods include:

1) Laughter: Laughter is truly the best medicine, having a good laugh is one of the best ways to naturally relieve stress. Read funny and wholesome materials that will make you laugh, also watch funny movies, sitcoms and attend comedy shows. Try as much as possible to explore your sense of humor by making fun of your not-so-good situation.

2) Take a deep breath: make it a habit to pause and take a deep breath once you feel your stress level beginning to rise, doing this is the first and most immediate method to defend you against stress.

3) Exercise:  you can relieve stress by engaging in regular exercises, exercising also keeps you physically and mentally fit. You can achieve this through engaging in exercises like running, walking, swimming or yoga. When you exercise it helps you release endorphins, a "happy hormone."

4) Pamper yourself: you do not need to go to a spa in order to pamper yourself; you can treat yourself to a long luxurious bubble bath. You can light a scented candle(s) that has a fragrance that will calm you i.e. lavender. Listen to your favourite music; go to the beach, river or pool. If you can afford it, get a massage and great tasting chocolates.

5) Be forgiving: learn to forgive people who have offended you and also learn to forgive yourself too because being unforgiving adds to stress. 

6) Communicate: you can talk to a friend in order to get things off your chest whether it is about your bitchy or difficult boss or about certain issues that bother you, doing this will help you relieve stress. If you are not the type that likes to talk to people about your feelings, it okay; you can write down whatever is bothering you in your journal.

7) Always be thankful: being thankful really does wonders for anyone's state of mind.

8) Delegate! You can't do everything all by yourself, learn to delegate tasks because you are not a machine. Be happy: everyone knows that life is certainly not a bed of roses. Always strive to be happy no matter what you are going through because being happy gives you inner peace which is essential to reduce your stress levels.

9) Get along with other people: it can be difficult at times to get along with other people but try as much as possible to be on good terms with everyone. Avoid people who are loud and violent because they will definitely anger your spirit and leave you all stressed out.

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